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Pascal Abresch e300dd176a add orionworld compaibility to drill 2 years ago
sparkapi readd check for WRENCHABLE nodes sparktool 2 years ago
sparkcompat Minor fix 2 years ago
sparkcomponent texture for steel_chasis 2 years ago
sparkcore minor change 2 years ago
sparkdebug add big stick 2 years ago
sparkgenerator Applied constants to node definitions 2 years ago
sparkmachine minor fix 2 years ago
sparktool add orionworld compaibility to drill 2 years ago
.dir-locals.el Remove whitespace highlighting because its bugged in Emacs 26RC1 3 years ago
.gitignore made git ignore kwrite save files 4 years ago
LICENSE „LICENSE“ ändern 3 years ago
Readme updated readme 2 years ago
init.lua typo fix 2 years ago
modpack.txt Preparation for a modular system 5 years ago


This is the sparktech modification for the game minetest.

do *not* enable sparkdebug unless you want to debug (allows arbitary lua code and stuff)

targeting minetest 5e7004e7af71fa7f2f980414c9951a93c0a0e994 or newer