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Minetest: Android version

The Android port doesn't support everything you can do on PC due to the
limited capabilities of common devices. What can be done is described

While you're playing the game normally (that is, no menu or inventory is
shown), the following controls are available:
* Look around: touch screen and slide finger
* double tap: place a node or use selected item
* long tap: dig node
* touch shown buttons: press button
* Buttons:
** left upper corner: chat
** right lower corner: jump
** right lower corner: crouch
** left lower corner: walk/step...
left up right
** left lower corner: display inventory

When a menu or inventory is displayed:
* double tap outside menu area: close menu
* tap on an item stack: select that stack
* tap on an empty slot: if you selected a stack already, that stack is placed here
* drag and drop: touch stack and hold finger down, move the stack to another
slot, tap another finger while keeping first fi