147 Commits (f85e9ab9254e2ae4ac13170f9edea00fb8d931a2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
rubenwardy f85e9ab925
Add nametag background setting and object property (#10937) 11 months ago
rubenwardy a8f6befd39
Fix short_description fallback order (#10943) 11 months ago
sfan5 83229921e5 Rework use_texture_alpha to provide three opaque/clip/blend modes 1 year ago
sfan5 edd8c3c664 Drop never documented 'alpha' property from nodedef 1 year ago
Zughy 45ccfe26fb
Removed some obsolete code (#10562) 1 year ago
sfan5 660115c1ab
Decouple entity minimap markers from nametags replacing with show_on_minimap property (#10443) 1 year ago
JosiahWI 11f3deb9c4
Pass ContentFeatures as reference to read_content_features (#10464) 1 year ago
DS f3ae45b2b2
Add a short_description to be used by mods (#8980) 1 year ago
Lars Müller 1c38027c3a
Fix precision not working in hud_change (#10186) 1 year ago
Danila Shutov 3a6dfda358
Make shading of CAOs optional (#10033) 2 years ago
sfan5 732c8008f4 CSM: Fix crashing minetest.get_item_def() 2 years ago
Wuzzy c94d37827d
Rework functionality of leveled nodes (#9852) 2 years ago
Lars Müller 9ba24f89f5
Damage texture modifier (#9833) 2 years ago
Wuzzy 6e1372bd89
Add support for statbar “off state” icons (#9462) 2 years ago
sfan5 b6b80f55c8 Expose collided objects in moveresult 2 years ago
SmallJoker 1b6f40c356 Rename moveresult speed to velocity 2 years ago
sfan5 3475759d1a Expose collision information to LuaEntity on_step 2 years ago
SmallJoker be71e70a91
Script: Enforce type checks if not nil (#9748) 2 years ago
sfan5 8ae8c1600a
Fix parsing JSON with large integers (#9674) 2 years ago
sfan5 2d5bd3bf79
scriptapi: Some small optimizations to value pushing (#9669) 2 years ago
Lars Müller af2e6a6a10
Improve waypoints and add image variant (#9480) 2 years ago
Loic Blot 894a34aef4 Move PlayerSAO to dedicated files 2 years ago
Loic Blot 6d43736172 Move serveractiveobject & unitsao 2 years ago
sfan5 ace3c76112 Improve core.sound_play with ephemeral sounds and player exclusion 2 years ago
Wuzzy e05b7dbb3c Remove unused weight property from objects (#9320) 2 years ago
Pierre-Yves Rollo cf7fda0083 Add z-index management to HUD 2 years ago
random-geek f2e62298a5 Change some usages of "deprecated" to "obsolete" (#9062) 2 years ago
sfan5 70f9e1aafa
Punchwear (improved) (#8959) 2 years ago
Beha 4d7f296717 Do not add group values of zero to group lists. (#8751) 3 years ago
Beha b8aaef704d Move the clamping of hp/breath when their maximums change to read_object_properties(). (#8689) 3 years ago
HybridDog 431d8a9b83 Abort when trying to set a not registered node (#7011) 3 years ago
SmallJoker ffb17f1c9a Consistent HP and damage types (#8167) 3 years ago
SmallJoker a122ba0ef4 Fix various bugs (Anticheat, Lua helpers) (#8013) 3 years ago
SmallJoker bba4563d89 Proselytize the network. Use IEEE F32 (#8030) 3 years ago
Dániel Juhász 325bf68041 Raycast: export exact pointing location (#6304) 3 years ago
stujones11 821e3f7072 Optional alpha channel support for entities 4 years ago
Dániel Juhász 3face01a20 Node definition manager refactor (#7016) 4 years ago
lisacvuk 4f5090ff68 Make hud_get return aligment, offset and size. (#7006) 4 years ago
red-001 9649e47214 [CSM] Add basic HUD manipulation. (#6067) 4 years ago
Thomas--S f3b9d87076 Connected Nodeboxes: Add `disconnected` boxes 5 years ago
paramat f470cb7270 Zoom: Set zoom FOV per-player using a player object property 4 years ago
Vitaliy 20a85d76d9 Move files to subdirectories (#6599) 4 years ago
paramat 4c40e0775c Player eye height: Make this a settable player object property 4 years ago
Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto a1e1a19ac3 Improvements/fixes for noise parameter input in advanced settings 4 years ago
Vitaliy 75320e7e88 Real global textures (#6105) 4 years ago
orwell96 08846cd05c Add static_save property to luaentites to not save them statically. (#5112) 4 years ago
SmallJoker edbc533414 Customizeable max breath for players (#6411) 4 years ago
Rob Blanckaert a9d43a0471 Object properties: Add 'glow', disables light's effect if negative 4 years ago
Auke Kok 5b3fbf9cf7 Implement client node dig prediction 4 years ago
SmallJoker 5f489efc69 Object properties: Fix loss of custom selectionbox 4 years ago