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rubenwardy f85e9ab925
Add nametag background setting and object property (#10937) 11 months ago
Loïc Blot a6a04c4b5b Update our tooling (Clang 5 -> 7, GCC 7 -> 8) 4 years ago
Loïc Blot 17016090e3 Travis: Update clang from 4.0 to 5.0 (#6467) 4 years ago
Loic Blot bf6569b570 Minetest for C++11 (CMakeLists + Travis) 5 years ago
Loïc Blot b4106ca58f Clang-format styles fixes since previous commit 5 years ago
Loïc Blot be06636965 Clang-format continuation indent fixes + .gitignore additions 5 years ago
Loïc Blot 00138a52d8 Clang format brace style fix 5 years ago
Loic Blot a4874270f7
Fix clang-format Columns Width 5 years ago
Loïc Blot 22567d107f Add clang format & skip build if no source file modified (#5433) 5 years ago