22 Commits (d4e9dd4643607192f5adebeecda86f25074f02cd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
nerzhul fefa148d69 v2d & aabbox3d<f32> & sky cleanups 6 years ago
RealBadAngel 87291ea44a Show infotext with description for item entities 7 years ago
Sapier 70ea5d552e Add support for limiting rotation of automatic face movement dir entitys 7 years ago
BlockMen 9eee3c3f46 Add option to give every object a nametag 7 years ago
BlockMen 50ba7e114d Add option to disable backface culling for models 7 years ago
PilzAdam 4feea0ac68 Add offset to automatic_face_movement_dir 9 years ago
sapier fc571ad46d Add support for entities to automatic face movement direction 9 years ago
sapier 251e3e01c7 Add support for setting stepheight for entities 9 years ago
PilzAdam 8cae659786 Add an option to disable object <-> object collision for Lua entities 9 years ago
Ilya Zhuravlev 6a1670dbc3 Migrate to STL containers/algorithms. 9 years ago
Sfan5 6d0ea26c2d Update Copyright Years 9 years ago
PilzAdam 497ff1ecd6 Change Minetest-c55 to Minetest 9 years ago
MirceaKitsune e42eeec8f6 Framework for the attachment system, new object property which allows changing the color and alpha of mesh materials 10 years ago
MirceaKitsune 118285e6ba Get the new animation framework properly working 10 years ago
MirceaKitsune ba4d93027f Joint positioning and rotation code, and fix a problem related to their lua API 10 years ago
MirceaKitsune fb0c431864 Allow the LUA API to set animations to meshes as well as the animation speed. Also update animations only when needed. 10 years ago
MirceaKitsune f9675bd2b4 Add a subfolder for models and transfer models from server to client 10 years ago
MirceaKitsune ac97a7f70e 3D model support for players using Irrlicht. Also ready the basis for mesh support on nodes / items via LUA (to be done). Supports any mesh format compatible with Irrlicht, but animations are not set up yet. 10 years ago
Perttu Ahola 9f031a6759 Optimize headers 10 years ago
Perttu Ahola 037b259197 Switch the license to be LGPLv2/later, with small parts still remaining as GPLv2/later, by agreement of major contributors 10 years ago
Perttu Ahola b22168d3da Fix dropped nodeitem visuals 10 years ago
Perttu Ahola 9e7ccedba4 ObjectProperties 10 years ago
Perttu Ahola 8db89b8136 LuaEntity armor groups 10 years ago
Perttu Ahola e9cdb938fe Entity damage system WIP; Remove C++ mobs 10 years ago
Perttu Ahola 82a460ec90 Improve luaentity sprite functionality (and add some random stuff) 11 years ago
Perttu Ahola 75a0ca6bd6 Scripting WIP 11 years ago
Perttu Ahola dcedfdacd1 Scripting WIP 11 years ago
Perttu Ahola 9e46cbf7ea Header file tweaking; mainly for speed 11 years ago
Perttu Ahola fc26dcdb19 license stuff 12 years ago
Perttu Ahola 4e249fb3fb Initial files 12 years ago