7709 Commits (ceacff13a666779d75ac48f2cc5c11bc2ce5c6e1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Paramat ceacff13a6 CSM restrictions: Make 'LOAD_CLIENT_MODS' disable loading of 'builtin' (#8000) 4 years ago
Moose c26eab6319 autojump setting: Remove repeated doc line (#8041) 4 years ago
HybridDog c6f784f43b Add minetest.load_area (#8023) 4 years ago
random-geek aa5ec2ec02 Extend pitch fly mode to swimming (#7943) 4 years ago
rubenwardy 7d7ccf5c0f Fix installed modpacks not being found correctly 4 years ago
stujones11 badecfa471 Update README.android with current build info (#8026) 4 years ago
rubenwardy f12d374956 Content store: Fix bugs relating to packages list size 4 years ago
Loïc Blot a5197eaebc
CSM: add requested CSM_RF_READ_PLAYERINFO (#8007) 4 years ago
Paramat 9080d7c990
Remove 'Reset singleplayer world' button from full menu on Android (#8017) 4 years ago
SmallJoker 67049eba3c Fix entity rotation in existing worlds (#7989) 4 years ago
stujones11 b8b33a6423 Android: Fix start-up crashes on version 4.x (#8003) 4 years ago
Vitaliy 309e158fc8 mapnode: add const/noexcept (#8009) 4 years ago
rubenwardy 0990ddb3bb Android: Fix memory leak when displaying images in the mainmenu (#8011) 4 years ago
ClobberXD a318bceb63 Lua_api.txt: Add documentation of missing field to 'on_punch' (#8008) 4 years ago
SmallJoker 2a69f874da reportMetadataChange; Silence clang warnings 4 years ago
stujones11 d994f7ca5f Fix more transparency issues with ogles2 driver (#8005) 4 years ago
stujones11 ba07a8b872 Android: Move touchscreen rare controls inline with settings icon (#8006) 4 years ago
Kevin Abrams b7eb81fed9 Add command line option to load password from file (#7832) 4 years ago
SmallJoker 80eb762af1 ieee_float: Silence compiler warning 4 years ago
Pedro Gimeno 8e4095f068 Fix the part of the float test that requires IEC559/IEEE754 compliance 4 years ago
zeuner 7a4d4bc9e6 Lua_api.txt: Document inventory sending behaviour (#7720) 4 years ago
Pedro Gimeno e7367f0fa5 Fix C++11 violation that broke clang on Debian Stretch 4 years ago
Loïc Blot 24cdbe9bf5
Add a basic kubernetes deployment file (#7979) 4 years ago
SmallJoker 7efb407872 Fix ignored mod.conf mod name for world.mt (broken by e8eaab6) 4 years ago
SmallJoker 05f3dbfa68 Android: Add activeobjectmgr.cpp and ieee_float.cpp, sort list 4 years ago
Loïc Blot 9e36a880fe
Add docker image documentation (#7969) 4 years ago
Loïc Blot eda35100b6
Add an activeobject manager to hold active objects (#7939) 4 years ago
SmallJoker 839e935ba0 Network: Send IEEE floats (#7768) 4 years ago
Wuzzy 8471d027b9 Make showOverlayMessage strings translatable (#7964) 4 years ago
ClobberXD 08610aad7e (client_)lua_api.txt: Rename func -> function (#7960) 4 years ago
Loïc Blot 1a51455b9e
Gitlab CI: docker image rename + add commit id tag 4 years ago
Vitaliy 3bfb8284b8 Make MapNode handle paramtype2≠leveled properly (#7958) 4 years ago
Loïc Blot ca141ed491
Add a Dockerfile + gitlab CI build (#7968) 4 years ago
Paul Ouellette ce32a327ff lua_api.txt: Various fixes and improvements (#7945) 4 years ago
Loïc Blot a8575295d5
porting.cpp: better minetest support on BSD 4 years ago
rubenwardy f318366c20 Fix ContentDB packages timing out by using download_file instead (#7891) 4 years ago
Alex a833bee9ed Add object visual type 'item' (#7870) 4 years ago
random-geek 98fa8a154d Content store: Fix missing screenshot in package view dialog 4 years ago
Paul Ouellette afaf7b901b Fix wrong parameter order for inventory callbacks (#7952) 4 years ago
meme f7cccd4df3 Fix dissector script to work with newer versions of Wireshark (#7957) 4 years ago
Wuzzy 5560ec8178 Add eat sound (#7956) 4 years ago
Update Script 98a72b9d45 Update minetest.conf.example and run updatepo.sh (#7947) 4 years ago
Martin Renold b02effdab9 Fix crash if display resolution is not set (#7950) 4 years ago
Paramat f0dca284b3
Main menu style: Set to 'full' for Android, remove 'auto' option (#7936) 4 years ago
rubenwardy 0c6933bdf7 Disable game bar and header on Android (#7940) 4 years ago
Paramat 08884d258b
Draw all horizons and sky base, in front of stars (#7932) 4 years ago
Loic Blot 56f22bfa5c
Gradle now copy most of assets 4 years ago
CoderForTheBetter 8cc75c053f Fix player rotations (#7941) 4 years ago
Paramat 4000735156
Declare mapgens v5 and flat stable. Add missing carpathian (#7942) 4 years ago
SmallJoker 3d66622772
Send only changed node metadata to clients instead of whole mapblock (#5268) 4 years ago