9331 Commits (3560691c0aecd89dc7f7d91ed8c4f1eaa9715eaf)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Vincent Robinson 3560691c0a
Add `math.round` and fix `vector.round` (#10803) 10 months ago
sfan5 1e4913cd76
Irrlicht support code maintenance 10 months ago
sfan5 0d90ed6d92
Draw items as 2D images (instead of meshes) when possible 10 months ago
Lars Müller 88d1fcfe23
Block & report player self-interaction (#11137) 10 months ago
SmallJoker f4118a4fde
Consistent title bar + render information in mainmenu (#10764) 10 months ago
sfan5 f345d00a43 Add entry in features table for degrotate changes 10 months ago
Wuzzy 6c9be39db0
Fix wield image of plantlike_rooted (#11067) 10 months ago
Vitaliy 3b78a22371
Degrotate support for mesh nodes (#7840) 10 months ago
Emojigit fde2785fe3
Update language choices in settingtypes.txt (#11124) 10 months ago
Wuzzy 7ad8ca62dc
Clean up various misleading and/or confusing messages and texts related to priv changes (#11126) 10 months ago
Wuzzy 7c24a9ebef Update CONTRIBUTING info on translating builtin 10 months ago
sfan5 8d89f5f0cc
Replace fallback font nonsense with automatic per-glyph fallback (#11084) 10 months ago
sfan5 5f4c78a77d Fix broken include check and correct Gitlab-CI script 10 months ago
HybridDog fc1512cca6
Translate chatcommand delay message and replace minetest with core (#11113) 10 months ago
sfan5 6a26d6d15a Adjust build config for Irrlicht changes (again) 10 months ago
Loic Blot 298bb3d8f7 Drop irrUString from MT, it's owned by irrlicht now 10 months ago
Desour 437d011968 Fix attached-to-object sounds having a higher reference distance 10 months ago
sfan5 2da1eee394
Fix broken `BiomeGen` abstraction (#11107) 10 months ago
Jean-Patrick Guerrero c9eba8440d
Fix segfault for model[] without animation speed 10 months ago
Hugues Ross afe988d83d
lua_api.txt: Fix style selector examples 10 months ago
Vitaliy 44ed05ddf0
Restore minimal normal texture support (for minimap shading) 10 months ago
sfan5 531e7ef8eb Serialize tool capabilities JSON without whitespace 10 months ago
sfan5 042131d91d
Mainmenu: Improve "Join Game" tab (#11078) 10 months ago
SmallJoker 05719913ac
Schematic: Properly deal with before/after node resolving and document (#11011) 10 months ago
Wuzzy a8cc3bdb08
Builtin: Translatable join, leave, profiler msgs (#11064) 10 months ago
Zughy ee2d46dcbe
Builtin: Italian translation (#11038) 10 months ago
Elias Fleckenstein 492110a640
Check for duplicate login in TOSERVER_INIT handler (#11017) 10 months ago
Elias Åström 59a1b53d67
Scale mouse/joystick sensitivity depending on FOV (#11007) 10 months ago
sfan5 96d4df995c
Drop old text input workarounds (#11089) 10 months ago
Jean-Patrick Guerrero 285ba74723
GUIScene: Clear depth buffer + replace deprecated clearZBuffer calls 10 months ago
Jean-Patrick Guerrero 66b5c08664 Fix deprecated calls with Irrlicht 1.9 10 months ago
Wuzzy 62e3593944 Tweak duration_to_string formatting 11 months ago
Wuzzy 9113538142
DevTest: Formspec tests, children getter, better lighttool (#10918) 10 months ago
Wuzzy 88f514ad7a
Devtest: Fix missing log level in minetest.log (#11068) 11 months ago
HybridDog 88b052cbea
Chatcommands: Show the execution time if the command takes a long time (#10472) 11 months ago
sfan5 051bc9e662 Enable Irrlicht debug logging with --trace 11 months ago
sfan5 1bc85a47cb Avoid unnecessary copies during media/mesh loading 11 months ago
sfan5 cff35cf0b3 Handle mesh load failure without crashing 11 months ago
sfan5 f213376b35 Update Gitlab-CI configuration too 11 months ago
sfan5 bb1c4badfb Clean up cmake DLL installation and other minor things 11 months ago
sfan5 75eb28b959 CI: update configurations for Irrlicht fork 11 months ago
sfan5 91c9313c87 Switch Irrlicht dependency to our own fork 11 months ago
sfan5 3579dd2186 Restore Irrlicht 1.9 support 2 years ago
Lejo 13b50f55a4
Fix missing jsoncpp in the Docker image 11 months ago
sfan5 bf8fb2672e
Use place_param2 client-side for item appearance & prediction (#11024) 11 months ago
Wuzzy a21402b38f
Translate builtin into German (server-side) (#11032) 11 months ago
Wuzzy c48bbfd067
Fix misleading chat messages of /clearobjects (#10690) 11 months ago
SmallJoker 176f5866cb Protect dropping from far node inventories 11 months ago
SmallJoker fc864029b9 Protect per-player detached inventory actions 11 months ago
Wuzzy d9b78d6492 Predict failing placement of ignore nodes 11 months ago