7010 Commits (2afe62952c52e9dc9cbd413db9a316ae4359c331)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Loïc Blot 2afe62952c Server: affect bind_addr on constructor instead of start() (#6474) 5 years ago
Loic Blot 27eeb3581f
Fix some forgotten u16 -> session_t in ad7daf7b52 5 years ago
Paramat 0df3671a34 Fix recent commit: std::max -> std::fmax for floats (#6469) 5 years ago
Loic Blot 43951cf646
Lint fix 5 years ago
Loïc Blot ad7daf7b52 Add session_t typedef + remove unused functions (#6470) 5 years ago
SmallJoker 50b2185ced Update version correctly again (#6462) 5 years ago
Loïc Blot 50423d8c72 Update JsonCPP to 1.8.3 (#6466) 5 years ago
Loic Blot f7e57a0d20
preview: try to send mod channel messages 4 seconds after joining, not after loading mod 5 years ago
DTA7 9eb163ab4f Add mute setting (toggled by the mute key and in the volume menu) (#6415) 5 years ago
Loïc Blot 6f1c907204 Implement mod communication channels (#6351) 5 years ago
paramat 6df312a608 Can_zoom player object property: Add missing documentation 5 years ago
paramat a455297d29 Positional sound: Limit volume when closer than 1 node 5 years ago
sfan5 d5a97e00ea Fix blocks written by vmanip not being marked as modified 5 years ago
DTA7 5a3b8e34b3 Set placer to nil instead of a non-functional one in item_OnPlace (#6449) 5 years ago
SmallJoker 67f97f8d32 on_death: Fix callback number of pushed arguments (Fixes #6451) 5 years ago
Loic Blot 080899b0f1
keycode.cpp: use std::unordered_map for keypress cache 5 years ago
jcalve 69f3c424c1 Fix compile error in openbsd (#6430) 5 years ago
paramat a016b64838 Rooted plantlike drawtype: Add remaining documentation 5 years ago
paramat d8f20d029a Leveled nodebox: Change levels from 1/63rds to 1/64ths 5 years ago
paramat 27144b4716 Biome API: Revert biomes, decos, ores being relative to water level 5 years ago
paramat 76817fdf98 Biome generation: Fix layers of 'filler' nodes at biome y limits 5 years ago
tenplus1 5b6d4482ee Fix Rotate Node Placement (#6424) 5 years ago
DTA7 45e9f80811 Correct tooltip_append_itemstring terminology (#6421) 5 years ago
Greg 45a7dd1ec4 Fix addModsFormConfig typo (#6420) 5 years ago
paramat a1389c3865 Generate biomes: Recalculate biome at biome lower limit 5 years ago
DTA7 808ada11db Add setting to display the itemstring after the tooltip in the inventory. (#6413) 5 years ago
sfan5 04839f233f ServerEnv: Clean up object lifecycle handling (#6414) 5 years ago
SmallJoker edbc533414 Customizeable max breath for players (#6411) 5 years ago
paramat 7640749d68 Cavegen: Avoid unsupported biome 'top' or 'filler' nodes 5 years ago
Rob Blanckaert a9d43a0471 Object properties: Add 'glow', disables light's effect if negative 5 years ago
Paramat 604fe2083d Item drop: Tune to land exactly 2 nodes away with level view (#6410) 5 years ago
SmallJoker 5e141ac920 Network: Fix logging into older worlds with base64 hashes 5 years ago
SmallJoker ee9a442ecc Network: Remove large parts of deprecated legacy code (#6404) 5 years ago
sfan5 7f2a19da11 Fix failing linter (travis) 5 years ago
sfan5 6fa2f6b4aa Fix core.wrap_text and make its behaviour consistent with the docs 5 years ago
Kahrl 17fd5fe935 Make INodeDefManager::getIds return a vector, not a set 5 years ago
Auke Kok 5b3fbf9cf7 Implement client node dig prediction 5 years ago
red-001 d10cccee31 Allow the join/leave message to be overridden by mods. 5 years ago
you bb225672f9 Fix dropped item look (#6370) 5 years ago
SmallJoker 5f489efc69 Object properties: Fix loss of custom selectionbox 5 years ago
rubenwardy 829bbafb27 Fix incorrect buffer size calculation on creation of HUD status messages 5 years ago
paramat 51002b1629 Schematic decorations: Add 'place_offset_y' placement parameter 5 years ago
rubenwardy 557bbc6704 Fix empty legacy meta being persisted 5 years ago
rubenwardy faad6479de Fix crash on revocation of removed privilege 5 years ago
SmallJoker 745a90dc84 Server: Calculate maximal total block sends dynamically (#6393) 5 years ago
SmallJoker 1105a14bcc Particles: Do not add digging particles for airlike nodes (#6392) 5 years ago
Wuzzy e3093cbe85 Prevent /spawnentity from spawning unknown entity (#6388) 5 years ago
Loic Blot 151c95bb9b
main.cpp: server-only builds should not include client headers 5 years ago
Loic Blot a3c298e1d1
Use a Buffer instead of SharedBuffer in ConnectionCommand 5 years ago
Wuzzy f231112cc4 Make HUD status messages translatable (#5795) 5 years ago