67 Commits (nephele-craftmethods)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lhofhansl d1624a5521
Switch MapBlock compression to zstd (#10788) 3 months ago
JosiahWI cf136914cf
Take advantage of IrrlichtMt CMake target (#11287) 4 months ago
sfan5 46f42e15c4 Fix check that given IRRLICHT_LIBRARY exists 6 months ago
sfan5 2c53f03c18 Remove unused version detection from FindLuaJIT.cmake 6 months ago
sfan5 734fb2c811
Add helpful error messages if Irrlicht library / include dir are set incorrectly (#11232) 7 months ago
sfan5 52c0384bd1 Fix ignored OpenGLES2 include path and cmake warning 7 months ago
sfan5 6a26d6d15a Adjust build config for Irrlicht changes (again) 8 months ago
sfan5 bb1c4badfb Clean up cmake DLL installation and other minor things 9 months ago
sfan5 91c9313c87 Switch Irrlicht dependency to our own fork 9 months ago
sfan5 dcb30a593d Set ENABLE_SYSTEM_JSONCPP to TRUE by default 9 months ago
orbea a368e7e793
cmake: Silence warnings. (#9750) 2 years ago
William Breathitt Gray 706b6aad06 Fix find_path for newer jsoncpp installations 2 years ago
Unknown dea5a152b2 Find LuaJIT headers on vcpkg 2 years ago
sfan5 d0246cfdcc Clean up FindOpenGLES2.cmake 2 years ago
adrido bd6f1cca9d Add compatibility to vcpkg buildsystem (#8317) 3 years ago
Leonid Bobrov 339341ba4e DragonFly BSD is somewhat identical to FreeBSD (#8159) 3 years ago
Leonid Bobrov ae8ae6c906 Fix libgmp detection (#7488) 3 years ago
rubenwardy 50c33d9638
Fix luajit include not being found 4 years ago
miqlas a95e0d1876 Initial Haiku support (#6568) 4 years ago
Loic Blot ff4fef570e
Fix cmake library default build problem since moving to lib/ 5 years ago
Loïc Blot 86b1542181 Update embedded jsoncpp from unk version to 0.10.6 + move libs to lib/ instead of src/ (#5473) 5 years ago
Rogier-5 4503b5097f Fixes for compiling with a newer (system) jsoncpp (#4429) 5 years ago
sfan5 decbd396df Really fix ncurses lookup on Arch Linux 6 years ago
David Knapp 27ee8d8943 Fix ncurses lookup on Arch Linux 6 years ago
Ferdinand Thiessen 70ece71ee4 Improve LuaJIT detection 6 years ago
est31 5e507c9829 Add server side ncurses terminal 6 years ago
Igor Gnatenko 88a44122ab FindJson: use PATH_SUFFIXES jsoncpp to find incdir 6 years ago
est31 181f7baa45 Add LibGMP 7 years ago
ShadowNinja 1be2d32fd5 Make Git version detection use VERSION_STRING instead of tags 7 years ago
est31 5704fb36d2 Better version detection for shallow clones 7 years ago
ShadowNinja 393722a9e3 Fix typo in OpenGL ES 2 CMake file 7 years ago
ShadowNinja 93fcab952b Clean up and tweak build system 7 years ago
est31 c31c87adb5 Fix cmake po detection bug 7 years ago
Markus Koschany 47d9b4d9aa Improve FindIrrlicht.cmake module 7 years ago
ShadowNinja a3db918f78 Remove included SQLite3 7 years ago
Martin Doege c410e9182d OS X compatibility fixes 8 years ago
sapier 533785ec9a Add CURL_DLL search to show up CURL_DLL in cmake gui and don't silently ignore missing CURL_DLL 8 years ago
Kahrl 8bc7ea61b9 Show git hash in version string at top left corner of window 8 years ago
kwolekr d308352dbd Always use builtin JThread library 8 years ago
proller 10c03e1a9d build with ogles2 driver 9 years ago
proller dd8593f2d6 fix link if system json lib exists 9 years ago
proller ee07c3f7cf new auto masterserver 9 years ago
Ilya Zhuravlev c4172934e5 Prefer shared cURL library instead of the static one. 9 years ago
sfan5 05b58501f2 Tweak CMake files for cURL 9 years ago
Ilya Zhuravlev 3578e1d4a7 Added ability to fetch media from remote server (using cURL library) 9 years ago
Perttu Ahola 3a9753b85f Add OGG_INCLUDE_DIR to SOUND_INCLUDE_DIRS 10 years ago
Perttu Ahola c301e3c82a celeron55's sound system initial framework 10 years ago
Perttu Ahola 97b693052c Flatten share/ and user/ in the source and for the RUN_IN_PLACE build 10 years ago
q66 e81ff1e833 Gettext fix for *BSD - require special linkage as glibc is not used 10 years ago
Giuseppe Bilotta cce210f676 Locale dir should be parallel to global data dir 10 years ago