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Aaron Raimist 82a626a98a Fix link to v4 event ID format in identity service spec
Signed-off-by: Aaron Raimist <aaron@raim.ist>
3 years ago
appendices Exclude DEL from historical user IDs 4 years ago
modules Typo: later user » later use 4 years ago
rooms Change state_type to event_type 4 years ago
appendices.rst Split appendices up 7 years ago
application_service_api.rst Less confusing wording on Application Service's Legacy Routes (#2160) 4 years ago
client_server_api.rst id -> ID while we're here 4 years ago
feature_profiles.rst Clarify what a "module" is and update feature profiles for clients 4 years ago
identity_service_api.rst Fix link to v4 event ID format in identity service spec 3 years ago
index.rst Make room version 5 the default room version. 4 years ago
modules.rst Clarify what compliant implementations are 4 years ago
proposals.rst Fix comments which refer to jenkins. (#1981) 4 years ago
proposals_intro.rst MSC1779 is actually merged now 4 years ago
push_gateway.rst Fix several spelling mistakes 4 years ago
server_server_api.rst Move auth events selection to a more appropriate section of the spec 3 years ago
targets.yaml Merge pull request #2087 from matrix-org/travis/1.0/events-are-extensible 4 years ago