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this uses the css media query prefers-color-scheme to offer a dark theme to users.
This works in recent versions of safari, chromium (and derivatives) aswell as firefox
(but only with resistfingerprinting off OR a special config flag set)
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Haiku Project website

This repository contains the source code for Haiku's main website.


To create a new blog for a new user, run ./scripts/newblog.sh.

To create a new blogpost, run ./scripts/newpost.sh.

Refer Troubleshooting section if you encounter any error.


Shortcodes introduce the ability to leverage special formatting in markdown documents. All available shortcodes are in layouts/shortcodes.


A classic alert or notification div with a title and a body

  • {{< alert-danger "Title" "Body text here">}}
  • {{< alert-warning "Title" "Body text here">}}
  • {{< alert-info "Title" "Body text here">}}


A small keyboard like span. Normally used to represent pressing a physical key on the keyboard.

  • {{< keyboard ALT >}}


macOS: "date: illegal option"

This is because OS X/macOS and Linux use two different sets of tools. Linux uses the GNU version of the date command (hence, GNU/Linux). The solution would be to install GNU Core Utilities replacing macOS Utilities:


brew install coreutils


sudo port install coreutils

Set your PATH to: PATH="/usr/local/opt/coreutils/libexec/gnubin:$PATH"

Run which date, it must show /usr/local/opt/coreutils/libexec/gnubin/date and not /bin/date. Re-run the above command, it should work fine!