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WebPositve and Webkit Report
Hey, this is nephele or Pascal! (the developer, not the language)
I have not written a release report before, but i shall try my best.
There have been severall UI improvements to Webpositive since the beta.
syedsouban brings us the possibility to directly search in an engine by using a letter shortcut, by typing a search string and putting the single letter with a space for the engine infront of it.
Currently supported are:
g for Google
b for Bing
w for the english Wikipedia
d for DuckDuckGo
a for Baidu
y for Yandex
e for Ecosia
q for Qwant
In addition to this the UI to pick a search engine has been improved substantially by jpdw, and the default search engine has been switched to
Under the hood there have also been a lot of changes.
X512 fixed a issues of blank pages on gerrit that held up the new version for some time.
The Webkit repository has moved from to
This was done since Webkit upstream has moved to git now, and rewrote their git history in the process, the naming of the haikuwebkit repo is in line with other webkit ports like gtkwebkit.
Kallisti5 rebased our port to the new git tree. alaviss moved Haikuwebkit to the new libnetapi.
Pulkomandy continiously rebased the haikuwebkit onto the webkit master to stay current.
And also activated the dark mode support, that's right, websites that support this feature will now be dark by default based on the OS color scheme.
And as a final cosmetic change I have added a new api to haiku to get scrollbar sizes and made webkit use this, so the scrollbars should now be consistenly properly sized in WebPositive.